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"The thing about Me and Marijuana" por teatray-inthesky

Es algo muy largo. Lamento la flojera de no traducirlo. El texto lo escribió teatray-inthesky explicando su percepción del consumo de la marihuana y estoy muy de acuerdo.


Before I get into this:

  1. It’s gonna be long. I’ve never ranted about this like this before and I plan to let it all out kind of a stream-of-conscious thing, relatively uncensored and definitely unedited. If you smoke, it might offend you so you might want to avoid it unless perhaps you consider yourself one of my best friends.
  2. I’m not looking for a debate. If you disagree, if you see flaws in my feelings or logic, I’m sorry but I don’t want to hear it. Trust me, I’ve heard it all for the better portion of the last half of my life.
  3. So many of my friends smoke, drink, and do hard drugs. I still love them and respect them. Their life is their own and they are free to make their own choices about it (as much as I detest it, I think pot should be legal). If you’re my friend and you smoke, ok. That’s fine. Just know that there’s definitely a barrier there. And that’s what this is about.
  4. If for God knows what reason you wish to discuss this with me, I probably won’t want to do it. It’s something that I know about myself but have insane difficulty trying to articulate. But I am at least more comfortable speaking my mind through a keyboard rather than out loud. On the spot, I’m pretty poor at getting words straight.

Now that you’ve been fairly warned, feel free to read more.

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